"Beautifully constructed crime novel, lots of threads, rounded characters I could engage with; fast paced with twists and turns. I'll be looking for this writer in the future."

 So glad I chose this book. Not my usual read, but it held me from beginning to end. I enjoyed the way the characters were introduced and their stories cleverly interwoven. Great story, well told. I will look out for this author in the future.” 

"I found the pace of my reading speeding up to find if and how the threads would converge, and if so how. A good read."






“A great first book by Michael Ross. Read it in one day, could not stop turning the pages. A storyline that many famous writers would be proud of. Mike could be the next James Patterson.”

I want to compliment you on the short story selection I've just finished reading. Powerful, different, compelling, liked them all!" 

"Bought this book after reading his 20 short stories and really glad I did! Really interesting read which kept me interested throughout - I would highly recommend"





Hello and welcome to the world of Michael Ross Writer.

2016 promises to be an exciting year for me with three novels to be released by my American publishers, Limitless Publishing.

The first novel, Hand Over Fist, released on 3rd May 2016, is a thriller. The second is a light hearted romance entitled Chasing What’s Already Gone, and it will be released in the late summer. The third novel, Out of Hand, is a follow-up to Hand Over Fist and will be published in the winter.

I am launching, this year, a new BLOG page, ‘the Wolf’s Pen’ which will be a regular feature in which I hope to challenge readers on how they think about their reading.

The NEWS and EVENTS page will keep you informed about events and exclusive offers throughout the year, and finally the BIO page will give you some background on Michael Ross, who he is and how he got here. My regular NEWSLETTER will be diverse and interesting, and will always include a FREE short story. For more details please visit the GET CLOSER page.

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