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2 September 2017

Well a nine month break from writing has reinvigorated me, and having a table at this year’s Rhondda Book Fair, meeting readers and writers, has created the desire to return to my love of fiction writing. I have four novels in various stages of completion waiting for me to decide on who gets my attention. I’m looking forward to hearing from the story that shouts” me,me,me” the loudest!

9 January 2017

A positive way to satart the year with the release of my first rom-com Chasing What’s Already Gone, a light hearted romance, writeen from the male perspective. Within a few days of its release it has received plenty of 5***** reviews. I found writing the story to be a joy, the characters took me on a journey which continually surprised me.

7 October 2016

October is going to be a busy month which should, hopefully, mean that from November onwards I can once again focus on my writing, as I have three novels in various stages of progress that need nurturing to life.

October 21 I am re-launching Hand Over Fist, and giving the Out of Hand series a serious makeover. I truly hated the cover for the original release as it never seemed to habve any bearing on the story line. The newly designed covers have a theme which I think works so much better than the  previous effort. For the first three days of release 21-23 October the book will be available for FREE.

October 28 sees the release of the second in the Out of Hand Series. Entitled Hand In Glove my editors say it is my most thrilling read to date. fans of Bobby Tanner and Pin-up will hopefully more than satisfied with the new tale, which will be FREE for the first three days of sale.


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12 September 2016

I could not be happier, as on presales alone, my latest anthology has reached No. 7 in its category of short story anthologies. To celebrate I am not only keeping the 0.99 price fixed until Monday 16 September, I am also reducing the price of my other two anthologies down to 0.99 for the same period. That equates to 63 stories for only 2.97 if you were to download all three books.

Links for Another Twenty Two Short Stories (on pre-order until this Friday’s release date)

The links for the bestselling and most popular of my anthologies

Twenty Short Stories (Settling a score)

The links for my personal favourite of the anthologies

Twenty One More Short Stories (Key changes)


9 September 2016

Well a two month gap has brought about quite a few changes, and my calendar for the rest of the year has had to be completely refreshed!

The new anthology Another Twenty-Two Short Stories is to be released next Friday 16 September 2016. It is available now for only 99p or 99c and I am delighted with the early rsponse to the pre-orders.

I have had discussions with the lovely people at Limitless Publishing and whilst they will still publish my rom-com novels, I have reverted to self publishing my Out of Hand thriller series. I was never very happy with the packaging and marketing of Hand Over Fist so I am going to relaunch the book on 21 October and offer it for FREE for the first fortnight. Which means that the second book in the series…

Hand In Glove is now set for release on 18 November 2016. Bobby Tanner and Pin-up built up a following in Hand Over Fist and the new novel has really fired up my team of proof readers.

For Pin-up and Bobby Tanner life could not be better, until the day they are asked to help in solving show business entrepreneur, Mo Parker’s, murder. Their search takes them from the world of Hollywood movies through to the seedier back streets of London. They need to work hand in glove, and make use of all their contacts and underworld knowledge to unravel the secrets that lie behind Parker’s death.

10 July 2016

Due to the positive responses to the FREE short stories included in my regular newsletter (go to the Get Closer page if you would like to join the subscription list) I have decided to release another anthology, which is being edited as I write. Release date will be August 26 2016 and it will entitled Another Twenty Short Stories.

Also a change of plans with the new thriller Out Of Hand. My publishers, Limitless, have unfortunately overstretched themselves and have had to delay publication for six months so, with their gracious approval I have decided to publish the book myself with a release date pencilled in of October 10 2016. Fans of Pin-up, Xenon and Tanner put the date in your diary.

13 May 2016

I am very pleased to confirm that Limitless Publishing have accepted my manuscript for the second novel in the ‘Out Of Hand series.’ It is rather imaginatively entitled ‘OutOf Hand,’ and will be released before the end of the year.

2 April 2016  One piece of news, and a reminder. Today I have been advised by Limitless Publishing that a release date for Chasing What’s Already Gone has been set for 26 July 2016. As for the next few months I will be concentrating on my novels, a reminder that my short story anthologies are available in paperback, nominally priced at £1.49 (£0.49 plus £1.00 postage.)

The very, very latest news is to announce the release of my first novel Hand Over Fist to be published by Limitless Publishing on 3 May 2016. This is a thriller that evolved from one of the short stories in my first anthology of short stories. I originally self published the novel under the title A Face Not Seen, and received many five star reviews. However, when the professionals at Limitless got hold of the text, they made a thousand changes to remove inconsistencies in the story line. There is greater detail about the book on the BOOKS page of the website.
On or before 8 April 2016 I will be sending out the first of my regular newsletters which will always include a free story and a free competition. Go to the GET CLOSER page to get involved. From 21 March 2016 Goddess Fish Promotions start on a small promotional campaign for Hand Over Fist, by way of a Blog Tour, a Book Review Tour and a push on Twitter.
The very latest news is that my new revamped website was launched on 14 March 2016, with grateful thanks to Brendon Wilson of Wicked Imp for all his hard work and patience in setting up the site, and within the tight time scale I set him.

You will find me on Twitter @mikerosswriter and on Facebook at Michael Ross-Writer, with my Facebook “Author” page at Michaelrosswriter.

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Today, November 6 2015, my latest novel Chasing What’s Already Gone has been accepted by Limitless Publishing and should be published in the late summer of 2016. . This is a light-hearted comedy, of love lost and love found, a hobbit house, a 5 year old boy with purple highlights, and a mission to find the girl code named Gertrude.
26 October 2015 and brilliant news, as I have been offered a publishing deal for my thriller, ‘Hand Over Fist,’ which is to be the first novel in a series entitled the ‘Out Of Hand’ series.
The new collection of short stories, ‘Five Short Stories – the back stories that shaped five lives,’ was released on 26 June 2015 and has been well received with sales reaching as far as India, Italy and Canada. Noticeably, sales in the US outstripped those in the UK.
I am pleased to announce that ‘Twenty Short Stories – Settling the Score’ will be available in paperback form as of 28 June 2015. To get my name out there in the market place, I have priced the book, including delivery, at £1.49 (£0.49 plus £1.00 postage,) which hopefully you will agree makes the book a nicely priced present. I am happy to write a dedication if you should so wish.
‘Twenty-One Short Stories- Key Changes’ was released on 18 July 2015
When I returned to my writing desk after an enforced absence, I was surprised to find that I had amassed over eighty short stories from which to make a choice. The twenty-one I have selected, like my first anthology, offers as wide a range of material as possible. The initial response has been heartening: “I really liked the first anthology – I love the new one”
“Twenty Short Stories – Settling a Score” has its first ten five-star reviews on 10 January 2014.
“Twenty Short Stories – Settling a Score” reached number six in the Amazon Short Stories charts on 2 December 2013