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After undertaking a “blog tour” for the release of Hand Over Fist I was surprised to note how many times I was asked about my writing space, which led me to realise that over the last year or so I have spent a quarter of my life in that writing space.

All the bad luck and harsh times I endured for many years, have now had a happy ending, because I cannot think of anywhere I would prefer to work at my writing than this writing space.

A dozen or so years ago I went from being a millionaire to an insolvent within an eighteen month period. A period much too painful on which to dwell, but as one example I lost over $300,000 just in lawyer’s fees. With hard work I managed to fight my way through it and avoid bankruptcy, but I was left with no choice but to leave the vibrant, exciting and historical city of Bristol and move to the Welsh Valleys, where property prices were one third of those in Bristol.

It was not something I wanted to do, it was a financial imperative, and to start with I hated living in the back of beyond. However my partner Mari was enthusiastic about the new house and the new beginning. I always had faith that she knew best, and she did. The builder was halfway through constructing the house when he came to us and said that it would not take much to add an extra floor to the building and create a large room at the top of the house. The extra cost was minimal and my writing space was born.

The room has skylights on all four sides with fantastic views of the hills and mountains around us. I have space for my desk, a couple of armchairs and a bed settee. And importantly I am out of the way, so I can have my music blasting away without upsetting Mari; she is a professional musician (violinist) and hates background music of any kind. I know I don’t get it either.

So, at he end of the day, the events that conspired to nullify my life, have actually led me to the perfect writing space, with the freedom and views which most authors could only dream about.

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