Helping a pack member.

The strength of working within a pack really comes home to me with working alongside my fellow limitless authors. after a lifetime in business it so refreshing to witness all the help and support they give each other. So today is my chance to chip in and tell you about a great offer fellow Limitless author BK Rivers is offering today. Follow the link below for the offer and follow Bk on Twitter   @WriterRivers

  Now a little plug for myself, because Limitless have just advised me that they have set a date for the release of my second novel for 26 July 2016, and I could do with some feedback please. The title of the book has always been Chasing What’s Already Gone, but a limitless author I respect has suggested changing it to Chasing Ella.

I would love people’s thoughts on that one, please. Have a nice day, from BK,IMG_0602 and me.

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