Brick Lane to the Pacific Highway?


I spent a fascinating weekend centred around Brick Lane in London’s East End. The vibancy and the diversity of the area recharged my batteries, and somehow resulted in the short story below. (What they have got in common goodness knows!) Although it is less than 600 words I have decided it might well have a place in my new anthology Another Twenty Short Stories which should be published a month or so after Chasing What’s Already Gone the ‘feel-good romance’ due for release on July 26 2016.
If you go to the ‘Get Closer’ page and subcsribe to my newsletterhere there is still plenty of time to enter my “Pizza competiition” to have a character named after you in the second novel in the Out of Hand series, as I will not be announcing the winner until 1 July 2016.

Have a great weekend everyone (Bank Holiday in the UK)



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