My favourite (today) five books.

The Limitless Publishing authors are a great bunch of people, and they all provide great support for each other, and cross-feeding our blogs is a great way to meet people. This week’s blog challenge is to list our favourite five books, which is obviously a messy business and this list, no doubt, will change within the next 24 hours. Nevertheless:

The Humans by Matt Haig. I love Matt’s way of thinking; the storyline is fantastical but incredibly believable. He’s a Facebook friend and comes across as a lovely human being, so the story must have come easily. “Wonderfully funny, gripping and inventive,” “Extraordinary,” “A laugh and cry book.”

If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things by Jon MCgregor. In my lifetime I have hardly ever come across a book I could not bear to put down – this was one. Such a simple tale about simple acts on the surface, but all consuming when examined.”Overflows with prose as poetry…a beautiful novel…unexpected, shocking, moving.”

London Labour and the London Poor by Henry Mahew. mahew was a contemporary of Dickens, and like him was appaled by the living conditions endured by the working classes. Unlike Dickens’fictional tales, this book contains hundreds of stories contrived of detailed interviews of real people. From the six year old girl who gets up every morning at five so she can sell sprigs of lavendar all day long just to be able to feed herself – to the black no legged ex sailor, turned businessman who ekes out a life sweeping the grand squares of London. There are thousnads of stories, and all that will touch your heart.

Room by Emma Donoghue. Just a brilliant piece of writing. If you approach the story, as I did, with no knowledge of the storyline, then like me I am sure you will be captivated with how this story unfolds Twenty first century writing at its very best. “A triumph,’ ‘Affecting and uplifting,’ ‘Heart-burstingly, gut-wrenchingly compassionate.’

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I love everything about this book, how Hollwood could turn into such a shambles of a movie is beyond me. The structure of the book is quite brilliant as we move slowly forwards and backwards through time, with the most carefully nuanced thread bringing everyhting together. ‘Funny, exciting, imaginative and energetic,’ ‘Remarkable,’ Stunning.’

As I said this is today’s list, which is ,I suppose, why we keep reading – to find the next story that moves us to add it to a favourite all time list.

Have a great weekend.  Michael.DSCF0758

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