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the Wolf’s Pen
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From small acorns so do giant oak trees grow.
From tiny cubs so do large alpha males grow
From a lonely first blog so do…who knows?

After a long career in business, I have had to redirect my life over the last ten years.
My time working with a wolf conversation group being one of the outstanding highlights.
I am now a full time author, and ‘the Wolf’s Pen’ blog will interweave the worlds of wolves and the written word.

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  1. Beth Elliott says:

    dropping in to say hello, and I see a wolf and read that you have wolf conversations. Years back, in north-eastern Turkey, we lived on the Ataturk University campus at Erzurum. The campus was situated on a wolf track and every night through the winter [October to April] wolves used the track. I never had a conversation with them but heard them constantly through the night. It’s hard not to fell that chill down by spine, even so many years later. Yet they are noble animals and we were the intruders.

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